Some close up shots of waving pilots taxiing to/from the polderbaan :o)   

Thanks for the friendly waves


waving Aeroflot pilots waving FO Boeing 747 KLM 11 jan 2009 waving female FO KLM  
29 november 2006 Martinair ŠEtienne Jong

PH-HZX 15-07-06 13:54 passing VM to the Polderbaan :o)

N803NW N803NW Northwest Airlines Continental Airlines N66056

the funniest of all up to now

first a friendly wave and then...

heee... wait a minute that's my job

these Americans turn everything upside

down... now this pilot of Continental is making

a picture of us ... everybody seems to be a spotter

these days :o)

      good weather in holland makes everybody wave ...

KLM Boeing 777 Nahanni National Park Š Etienne Jong 14 mei 2006

KLM MD-11 MD11 MD 11 Ingrid Bergman Š Etienne Jong

this pilot likes his brand new 777



zwaaien en bellen...drukke baan!